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ASTORIA DANCE CENTRE 2020-2021 School Year Calendar

We follow the majority of the public school holiday closings.  See below when we are closed.

You do not pay tuition fees for the days we are closed.  Cancelled classes due to inclement weather must be made up in another class.  Please read your studio guidelines and policies for more info.

 Classes Begin – Thursday, October 1

Thanksgiving – Closed Tuesday, November 24 through Saturday, November 28

Winter Recess – Closed Tuesday, December 22 through Saturday, January 2

Mid-Winter Recess – Closed Monday, February 15 through Saturday, February 20

Spring Recess/Passover and Easter - Closed Thursday, April 1 through Friday, April 9

Priority FALL 2021 Registration for our Current Students Only – Monday, May 3rd

Memorial Day Weekend - Closed Saturday, May 29

In the Studio Dress Rehearsal Week – Tentative Tuesday, June 15 through
Sunday, June 20

Last Day of Classes – Sunday, June 20

Theatre Dress Rehearsals – Tentative Week of June 21 Dates and times TBA

Year End Annual Dance Performance(s) – Tentative Saturday, June 26

Singing Dynamics Vocal Recital – TBA

Play-N-Music Piano Recital – TBA

4 Week Summer Session – TBA

COVID Protocols


To keep our students, faculty and staff safe requires us to have the least amount of people inside our studio. The waiting/lobby area is temporarily closed due to the new Covid-19 protocols. This means that no parents will be allowed in the waiting area/lobby with the exception of parents of toddlers for drop off and pick up only. We will have a hallway monitor to make sure your child gets safely into their classroom. For those parents who want to view your child in the classroom, we are working on options so that you can watch class on your device. We will update you once this is finalized.


All students must arrive with a mask on 5 minutes before their class starts. All students must come to the studio fully dressed in their dance attire and ready to dance. Students will get a temperature check upon entry; sanitize their hands; place their personal items in the hallway cubbies provided for each dance room; students will enter the classroom and place their dance bag in their own spot and take their place social distanced in a 6’ by 6’ foot dance area. Classes will start and end on a staggered schedule so that the faculty and staff can sanitize the dance room and the cubbies and restrooms in between classes; we will have a hallway monitor (with a mask on) that will see that your child will get safely into her/his class.


Parents must pick up their child on time. Parents must wear a mask upon entry to the building. Students will be dismissed by the studio monitor and can be picked up by their parents in the building vestibules on the first floor and the second floor. We have staggered class times to avoid congestion in the building during dismissal.






Astoria Dance Centre
42-16 28th Avenue
1st and 2nd Fl.
Astoria, NY 11103

Call for Rates.

Easy to Get To:

Q 18 - from 30th Avenue and 8th Street Astoria through Woodside to 69th Street and Grand Avenue Maspeth. Stops at 43rd Street and 30th Avenue. Walk 1 block to 28th Avenue

Q 101 - from 2nd Avenue Manhattan travels up Northern Blvd. across Steinway Street from Northern Blvd. to 19th Ave. and Hazen St. Astoria. Stops at 28th Avenue and Steinway Street. Walk 3 blocks up on 28th Avenue to 43rd Street.

Q 19 - From 21st Street and Astoria Blvd. to 102nd Street East Elmhurst. Stops at 43rd Street and Astoria Blvd. Walk 2 blocks to 28th Avenue.


N Train (from Queens and Manhattan) Stops at 30th Avenue and 31st Street. Walk up to Steinway Street make a left (at Duane Reade) and walk one block to 28th Avenue and then 2 blocks to 42-16 28th Avenue.

R Train - Stops at Steinway Street. Walk ½ block to Broadway continue to walk on Steinway Street to 31st Ave., 30th Ave., when you reach 28th Avenue make a right turn (at the Gyro Uno Restaurant) and walk 2 blocks up to 42-16 28th Avenue.



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Astoria Dance Centre
42-16 28th Avenue
1st and 2nd Floor
Astoria, NY 11103
phone: 718-278-1567
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