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Astoria Dance Centre has had from its inception a faculty of the highest caliber who provide a program of progressive training in all forms of dance and cultural education.

The goal of Astoria Dance Centre is to provide students with an awareness of how to use the mind and body as an instrument through movement; allow them the opportunity to express themselves creatively; provide them with valuable knowledge of theatre and the arts; and to develop the ability and appreciation to work artistically with others.
Astoria Dance Centre holds class from mid September through mid June. Careful consideration is given to class placement and individual potential. Private Lessons may be arranged. The Centre holds a July Summer Session. Included in these sessions are classes for toddlers, children and teens.




The Curriculum

Recreational and Pre-Professional classes at Astoria Dance Centre are designed to ensure correct technique and placement and each student is assigned to a class best suited to her or his age and stage of development.

Classes consist of Dance Together for 2's and 3's with Mom or Dad, Pre-School Dance (3 to 4 year olds), Pre-Dance (4 to 5 years); Pre-Ballet, Jazz and Tap Combo Class for ages 5-6, 6-7, 7-8 and Ballet, Modern, Tap, ADC Broadway Bound Class, Hip-Hop and Jazz for Ages 10 through Teens.

For the serious dance student, Astoria Dance Centre's specialty classes, workshops, performance team, competitions, choreography showcase and summer dance program broaden students' technique and provides them with a style and stage presence that helps prepare them for auditions and professional appearances.

Students may participate in Astoria Dance Centre's Annual Performances and more advanced students have the opportunity to perform with the School throughout the year. The purpose of ADC's community performances is to provide the public with cultural education and entertainment.






Dance Together for 2's and 3's with Mom or Dad.
This class is designed for children who are not ready to be in class on his/her own. The class is 30 minutes in length and Mom or Dad participates with the child. Music, movement and social skills are developed in this class. Activities include use of props along with fun song and dance routines.

This program runs for three 9 week sessions.  The sessions are run consecutively.  You can sign up for 1, 2 or all 3 sessions. 

Dance Together Calendar / Dance Together Attire

Pre-School and Pre-Dance Classes
Our popular pre-school and pre-dance classes for children ages 3 to 4 years and 4 to 5 years introduces children to various forms of dance and movement. The class consists of song and dance routines, tap and balletic movement. These fun, structured classes have been taught by experienced instructors and assistants for the past 30 years. Age appropriate music is used in these classes. The classes are designed to teach children how to take direction and to cooperate in a group setting as well as develop their sense of rhythm and coordination.



Boys Dance at ADC
There are many boys at Astoria Dance Centre enjoying a wide range of dance classes. Our classes are designed so that boys develop coordination and rhythm in an atmosphere that provides creativity and athleticism. Currently there are 3 male teachers on staff at ADC.
Music, Acting and Voice Lessons are also available to boys and men at Astoria Dance Centre.



A classical form of dance that is characterized by grace, precision, formal gestures, steps and poses. The study of ballet does not unfold immediately as a whole. It is developed over a long period of time through a series of repetitive exercises done at the barre, in the center and across the floor. Intensive instruction in the technique of classical ballet is the fundamental subject on which anyone entering the ballet field must concentrate. This is achieved through courses in technique, pointe, variations, supported adagio and through workshops, rehearsals and performances. Like the study of language, every movement is learned separately, then woven into combinations of movements and finally into choreographic poems we call "ballets". The ballet levels offered at ADC are Pre-Ballet for children ages 5-6 and 6-7 and graded classes from beginner through advanced levels for ages 8 through teens.


The Astoria Dance Centre Performance Team
Students who show the talent and a strong desire to pursue dance at the high school level or as a career may audition for one of the school's Performance Teams.  Dancers must be at  least 7 years of age and in addition to Ballet must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 additional classes per week. Team members are also required to take Performance Team classes. Team classes are divided by age: 7-9, 10-12 and ages 13 & up.

The purpose of the ADC Performance Team is to broaden students' technique and provide them with a style and stage presence that will help to prepare them for auditions and professional appearances. Students on the Team take part in specialty classes, workshops and perform locally and at 2 to 3 regional dance competitions throughout the school year. For more information about the Performance Team call 718.278.1567 or email dance@astoriadancecentre.com

Classes are designed to develop technique, strength, stretch and stamina through isolations, progressions across the floor and fun combinations. There is a wide range of upbeat music in Jazz dance classes.

Hip Hop
Students will learn the foundation of Hip Hop, develop rhythmic awareness, build coordination and strengthen muscles with this fun and engaging class. Basic hip hop moves will be covered and elements of original choreography will be introduced. Students will have fun learning new moves and dancing to the top 40 tunes in this class.

Broadway Bound Class
ADC's Broadway Bound class is a program designed for the student who is interested in being a triple threat -- acting, singing and dancing. This class is geared toward boys and girls ages 8 through 12 and teens. It is course of study that will introduce your child to the performing arts all in ONE convenient location. We offer acting and scene study; dance and voice lessons. This is an excellent program that will help your child discover his or her strengths and areas of interest. Our Broadway Bound Class and our private Voice and Group Acting and Dance classes will also help to prepare your child for auditions for performing arts high schools and colleges.

This 1.5 hour Class Includes: Acting, Singing and Dancing

Students in the Broadway Bound Class are given the opportunity to perform at the Tony Bennett Concert Hall with Astoria Dance Centre at their Annual Performance(s) and in the Black Box Theater at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts.

1.5 Broadway Bound Class is $99.00 paid on the 10th of the month which is payable in installments from mid September through mid June.

Tap class focuses on technique, rhythm and musicality. Styles of tap taught are Broadway style and Rhythm and Swing tap. Tap classes not only challenge you physically but also mentally. It is highly recommended that students take a ballet or a jazz class in addition to tap to help further develop their technical skills.

Modern Dance
This class emphasizes dynamic, full-body movements that are both energetic and dramatic, based in classic techniques as well as a taste of the up-and-coming styles. Learn to express yourself through movement while gaining strength and flexibility, as well as learning fun contemporary combinations to a variety of songs. The class includes a variety of exercises to strengthen and stretch the body, with emphasis on proper alignment, correct breathing, and abdominal strength. The class progresses from a warm-up, with combinations both on the floor and standing, to traveling movement including jumps and turns across the floor. Throughout all exercises emphasis is placed on individual expression, musicality, and positive energy. This class is fun and exciting while giving students a strong technical base. Strongly recommended for anyone auditioning for NYC performing arts high schools!

Acting Class
Intro to Acting is included in our Broadway Bound Class for ages 9 & Up
The Broadway Bound class is an introductory class that helps to build confidence through improvisation, theater games and scene study along with an introduction to singing and musical theater style dance.
Broadway Bound students have the opportunity to record a track at a professional recording studio, perform on a mainstage theater and showcase their acting skills at either an in-studio showcase or a black box theater showcase.

Acting Workshop
We hold one or two acting workshops at ADC for ages 10 and up. These workshops are typically 12 sessions. The workshop covers character development, monologue and scene study. In the Spring Students perform in an Acting Showcase..



Dance Faculty
Dolores Daza, Audra Fryberger, Maureen Gelchion,
Lisa Graziano, Jazmin Murillo,Natalia Yepes-Lutchman

Acting, Music and Voice Faculty
Tony Corso, Bobby Drakos, Fintan O'Neill, Grace Pettijohn


Audra Fryberger

Natalia Yepes-Lutchman

Dolores Daza


Lisa Graziano

Jazmin Murillo




Maureen Gelchion, Owner and School Director

Maureen has owned Astoria Dance Centre Inc. for the past 36 years. She has been a dance educator for 43 years. In addition to her own school Maureen has taught dance at private schools and community outreach programs. Her school offers has a full curriculum of dance styles and programs for ages 2 through Teens as well as an Acting, Music and Voice program. Maureen oversees a faculty and staff of 10 and co-directs the school with her husband, Tony Corso.

Maureen is a member of the Dance Educators of America, the Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey and the National Dance Education Organization. She is an advocate and an ambassador for National Dance Week. Maureen enjoys adjudicating dance competitions and continuing her lifelong dance and business education. She is currently on the faculty and staff of the DanceLife Teacher Conferences. Maureen is a member of the Board of Advisors of I.D.E.A., the International Dance Entrepreneurs Association, for dance studio owners.







Tony Corso, Co-Director, Acting Facility
Tony received his education at the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he received his BA in Theatre Arts. Tony is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity Association. He has performed in Regional Theatre throughout the NY area, on HBO and on and off Broadway. He was a founding member of Mixed Nuts, an Improv Group that performed at Don't Tell Mamas and off Broadway. Tony co-directs Astoria Dance Centre with his wife Maureen and is the school's Acting Instructor.











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