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Taking Private Piano Lessons with PLAY ‘N’ MUSIC @ the Astoria Dance Centre is a great idea! Teaching Artist and Instructor Mr. Fintan O’Neill says “ You have got to have fun while learning, that’s the key to being successful”.

O’Neill, a classically trained teacher ( L.T.C.L. ) uses an innovative approach which stimulates a student’s innate musical interest through improvisation, pop music and jazz while learning to read and play the classics. It is an approach that works well as is shown by the student’s impressive performances at the twice yearly recitals. Books and recitals are included in the lesson tuition fees.

“Building self confidence through setting goals and achieving them as well as performing before a live audience are skills a student will use throughout their lives. Really a music education is about a great deal more than music alone” says O’Neill who has over twenty years of experience as a performer/teacher/recording artist and composer. He has performed at Carnegie Hall, several different countries and is a BMI registered composer.

Register now for piano lessons by calling Mr Fintan O’Neill at
(917) 587 8201



Music Lessons at Astoria Dance Centre

Higher Scores. Students with 4 years or more of arts and music study scored 29 points higher on reading, 22 points higher on math and 29 points higher on writing sections of the SAT College Board test (College Board SAT, 2008 College Bound Seniors: Total Group Profile Report)

Better Skills. Arts-based learning is known to promote collaboration, creative problem solving, and the ability to apply learning across different disciplines (Neuroeducation: Learning, Arts, and the Brain. Dana Press 2009)

More Graduates. Schools that have music programs have higher graduation rates than those without programs (90.2% as compared to 72.9%). (Harris Interactive survey of high school principals, Spring 2006)

The National Association of Music Education






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